A tidy coupon collection, a tidy mind!

If you already started couponing you already learned that good organisation saves time and money.
You maybe tried excel sheets, folders, different envelopes for every store or coupon category... But all of them have pros and cons.
desk of a couponer - coupunity - pixabay
With coupunity you can keep your "offline administration" if you want but it helps to compensate the cons!

Here is how it works:

  1. You can search if anyone already added the coupon you own to the database.
  2. If yes, just add the coupon to your library and configure how many coupons you own and where you store it (e.g. coupon folder 3).
  3. If it ws not added yet, add the main coupon information to the database and it will be stored in your personal coupon list automatical.

That's all!
One more pro is that you can always have a look at the list of new and valid coupons. Other couponers show you where they found new coupons - this helps you not missing a new coupon anymore.
And you can have a look at your current coupon collection everywhere where you have access to the internet! If you see an offer somewhere you can just check on your smartphone if and where you have a coupon for it.

What comes next?

Coupunity is in beta state. Here are some ideas which are planned to be developed:

  • Auto check offers: The coupunity checks if one of your valid coupons might fit to an current offer of the participating store(s)
  • eMail notification before deadlines: We will send you an eMail before your coupon expires.
  • More community features: We plan to be a communication platform for couponers around the world.