Coupunity: An extreme couponer community

Meet like-minded people: Couponers like you and me

Meet other couponers at There are couponers who are ashamed of their hobby and believe, that others won't understand them.
But: Couponing is nothing else than every other type of collection - stamps, magazines or just coupons: You are interested in a specific topic and collect with passion and often with enormous investments which are unclear for non-collectors.
The difference between collecting coupons and collecting garden gnomes is: We couponers give away our collected things and get discount for it.
Hey, this is a good thing! Here at coupunity you will find like-minded people!

Team work couponing

As longer you collect and as more coupons you own, organization gets more awkward.
This is the second thing which is simplified at coupunity for you: With the coupunity you easily maintain the overview of your coupon collection

At the page about well organized coupon collection you can find further information about how this works.