Coupunity - Your coupon community

Community for coupon hunters

That's how coupon management works with team spirit:

One of our users discovers a coupon in a flyer and enters it to the coupunity.
While searching or grubbing in the coupunity you find this coupon and assert that you also own it.
That's why you take it to your library - without the effort to type everything by yourself.
By dint of coupunity you have an easy overview of your coupons and save money while shopping the next time!

Your options in coupunity

  • Don't miss a deadline again!
  • Find coupons for current store- or online shop offers
  • Overview of your coupon collection
  • Get notified about coupon discovery places

Coupunity News

  • 2017/01/26: You can now increase and decrease your coupon stock with one click:
    mark one coupon as redeemed or collected with coupunity coupon administration tool
  • 2016/12/21: Newsletter registration launched!
  • 2016/11/20: We are online!